19 December 2011

Winter Break: Off to a Great Start!

Our daughter arrived home on Thursday of last week, having been away at college since August. This is by far the longest time that she's ever been gone. We were very excited to welcome her home!

In the few short days she's been here, we've been pretty busy. First, she finished decorating the Christmas trees:

Next, we celebrated my grandma's 100th birthday with a big open house for friends and family. At 100, she still lives alone and is very sharp! She keeps us all in line. :)

Yesterday, Bailey baked an apple-raspberry pie! (Isn't it the MOM'S job to have wonderful baked goods ready for the child when she arrives home from college? Not in this house!)

She got reacquainted with Tinsel (who doesn't want to be held by anyone, regardless of how long she's been gone)...

...and Lily, who doesn't mind being hauled around in the least.

And she put together a gingerbread house kit meant for children but perfect for brain-weary college students.

We've watched movies and listened to performances of her college ensembles. We've cooked dinner at home and frequented our local Starbucks. We've happily tripped over her shoes and battled for who gets to sit next to her on the couch.

In short, we just love having her here and plan to enjoy every single minute until we have to send her back!


Sharon W. said...

Welcome home, Bailey. I would like the recipe for the apple raspberry pie. That sounds delicious!! I might just try that for Christmas.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Sounds like a great time! Glad you are enjoying it so much! And WOW!! on your grandma!