28 December 2011

So many cookies, so little resistance...

Two posts about cookies this week can only mean one thing: I have cookies on the brain. I'm really not sure what possessed me to make so many cookies this year. I've given away a LOT, yet they seem to be multiplying in my freezer. I'm hoping the onslaught of college kids home for break will help alleviate this problem.

I'll admit that it is nice to have cookies to pull out when people stop over. This is an unusual occurrence around here as I almost never make dessert of any kind. Why? I have NO RESISTANCE whatsoever.

In the midst of my baking frenzy last week, I happened upon a plastic pastry mat at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. My mom had one of these sheets for rolling out dough and I've been on the lookout for something similar for the past few years. I tried it out on the gingerbread men and it worked great. 

It's probably a good thing that I was wrapping up my baking at that point because my new mat could have easily inspired me to make even more cookies. I guess "spend more time at the gym" will now be at the top of my resolutions list for 2012!

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