01 December 2011

Thanksgiving in Review

My poor blog has been neglected of late due to several pressing deadlines. It's all good stuff...just a lot to do at one time. And something always has to give. Actually several somethings.

In the midst of everything, we of course had to take a couple of days out for Thanksgiving -- one to prepare and one to celebrate. I'll admit that I didn't feel much like having Thanksgiving this year. I'm incredibly thankful for everything in my life, of course, but this year was the first that Bailey wasn't with us for the holiday. I was sad about that and truthfully would have preferred to skip the whole thing. She's such good company at family events. Plus she's quite handy in the kitchen.

But I somehow managed to prepare Thanksgiving dinner on my own (okay, with some help in the mashed potato department from Spouse). And no one had to be hospitalized as a result of my cooking, so I deemed the meal a success.

Tinsel spent the afternoon on high alert watching neighbors try to walk off their Thanksgiving dinners.Yep, keep on walking, she said...

Lily didn't seem to care much about that, preferring to sleep off her Thanksgiving dinner in a sunny spot.

And I couldn't help but notice how Lily's perfect meatloaf form resembled a roast turkey. (No, that is not my turkey.)

So Thanksgiving is over and done for another year. It was a different kind of holiday, probably the first of many to come. The truth is that change is an inevitable part of life. Change has always been hard for me, but I've learned that it's far easier to embrace it than to cry over it. 

And if you can get at least one decent cat photo along the way, it's all the better. When fun doesn't come to you, you have to make your own fun. :)

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Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I'm glad you were able to have a nice Thanksgiving despite missing Bailey so much. Non-hospitalization is always a good sign! :-)

Very cute turkey impression Lily!