14 July 2011

In Bloom This Week!

I have always struggled with bloom times in my perennial gardens. By mid-summer, my spring plants are done blooming and my beds look bleak.

But I'm excited to report that I have more flowers than ever at this point in the summer! I'm really enjoying the extra containers I filled with flowers this spring, and the most of the new perennials I planted have survived and are blooming right now.

In addition to the extra containers, I think the answer for me has been to PLANT IN VOLUME. The beds look fuller and there is a little bit of "cushion" if one of the plants doesn't survive.

Row #1: Daylily, heliotrope, dahila, mixed planter with sweet potato vine

Row #2: Thai basil in bloom (If you're a fan of Thai food, buy this herb! It smells heavenly!), pink flowering plant I kept alive inside last winter (can't remember the name!), purple coneflower, phlox

Row #3: Coral bells, monarda, phlox (suffering from powdery mildew, unfortunately), daisy

Row #4: Zinnia, astilbe, daisy, mixed planter


Linda said...

Your gardens look beautiful!

Fonda said...

Very nice, love all the colors!