06 July 2011

Grown to Pick

One of the main reasons I love to have flowers in the yard is so that I can bring them inside. My cupboards are full of small vases and containers for gathering bright blooms all season long.

This little gathering of pink zinnias is sitting on our bathroom sink right now.

I find flowers to be a cheerful spot of color. They add instant elegance to the simplest of surroundings.

I recently found several photos of little bouquets from past years. As you can see, my flower gatherings are nothing elaborate. I think the best ones consist of a little bit of this and that...whatever happens to be blooming right now.

This is an early spring bouquet with bluebells and daffodils.

I love the simple look of zinnias. I just wish I had better luck with them.

Here's a mixed bouquet -- typical of whatever I collect as I roam around the yard with my scissors.

Here's to many more beautiful bouquets this summer!


Sharon W. said...

Love the bouquets. I love to do this also. Still have not found my little vases. I was thinking that a rose and some coreopsis might look nice.

Heather said...

I love fresh flowers but don't have any to cut. :( I grew zinnias last year and meant to plant them again this year but didn't. Yours are really nice!