14 July 2011

Feline Friday, The Harry Potter Edition

In honor of the final movie of the Harry Potter series, I thought I'd share a little known FACT today about our Lily...since it's Feline Friday.

We brought Lily home at the end of Daughter's eighth grade school year. She and her classmates were knee deep in the Harry Potter series at that time, so it was only fitting that she decided to name our new kitten after Lily Evans, Harry Potter's mother. She chose the middle name of Ginevra, Ginny's given name. Ginny is the younger sister of Harry's best friend, Ron Weasley, and she eventually ends up marrying Harry. Sadly, I don't think our Lily is going to be as lucky in love as Ginny.

On a related note, earlier this week Daughter transformed her friend into a dementor by way of a black sheet.

Cutest dementor I ever did see.

I remember Daughter saying many years ago that she and her friends would be in college by the time the final movie was released. And now, hard as it is to believe, that time is upon us.

Having witnessed my Daughter grow up with Harry Potter, this final film signifies much more to me than the end of an epic book series and movie franchise.

So here's to cats named after beloved book characters. And here's to dementors in my dining room. And years of Halloween costumes and eager analysis of all things Hogwarts. Here's to the end of an era. The end of childhood, really. *sniff*

Thanks, HP. It's been a great run.


Linda said...

I love the story behind how Lily was named. Amanda has been going around saying that this movie was the end of her childhood too. sigh. That is a great dementor costume, simple yet effective. :)

Fonda said...

sniff sniff...