09 May 2011

Garden in early May

The cold spring we've experienced around here seems to have resulted in a slow start for many of my perennials. But in the last few days, things have finally started to warm up and my plants are waking up after a long winter's nap. Unfortunately, a few plants still appear to be sleeping -- possibly permanently. This would equate to "dead"!

I'm trying to focus on the plants which seem to be thriving and will plan to replace those which aren't. My favorites in this part of the yard include the foam flowers which I planted last year, the columbine which just decided to grow there through no help from me, and the tiger lilies which came from my late grandma's yard.

Once I replace the couple of perennials which didn't winter over and add a few annuals for color, my plan is to largely ignore these particular gardens this summer and focus on the problem areas in the backyard spaces. To fix those garden problems will require all of my wits and then some.

Stay tuned for more gardening adventures!


Benita said...

Wow, I can't believe how much bigger your plants are than mine already! What exactly is the foam flower? Never heard of that one before. Does it bloom all summer? That's what I'm trying to plant....stuff that blooms most of the summer. I love tulips & stuff like that, but the flowers never last long enough :( Beautiful!

Janet said...

Thanks for stopping by, Benita! I guess being a little farther south makes a difference! Our daughter's college is even farther south and their spring comes much earlier, I noticed this year!

The foam flower is a type of perennial that blooms in the spring. I think it's a woodland flower, as it does well in shade. I'm really pleased with how they're growing this year!

I struggle with the whole idea of bloom times, too! Daylillies do pretty well with blooming all summer long, and so does coreopsis, which is a spreading, yellow bush type plant. I'd give you some of both if you lived closer! :) I have a books that tells which perennials do best in our state; it has helped me a lot! (And believe me I need help!) Good luck! Can't wait to see pics! :)