12 May 2011

Ceiling Fan Transformation: Part 2A

Oh, the wonders of spray paint. It's amazing that an aerosol product has made me this happy.

As Daughter observed, the ceiling fan no longer screams, "LOOK AT ME! I'm shiny and bright! And I don't match anything else in this room!"

Note, however, that this post is titled "Part 2A". It seems that Spouse encountered some complications when attempting to install the light fixture onto the base of the fan. He was muttering about wires and switches last night but I sort of tuned him out.

Maybe it's the fumes, but I seem to have been transfixed by Rustoleum.

Who needs a light anyway?


Linda said...

I love how your ceiling fan turned out. It looks great, very stylish too!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh yeah...light...that was the reason for the transformation in the first place, right? But oh well...it looks nice!!!!!