21 May 2011

Extreme Before and After: Chair

It seems like I've had several "before and after" posts of late. I hope that means that we're making progress these days on some long-overdue projects.

As you can see, this chair was in dire need of reupholstering. In addition, the wood was bare in some places and it wobbled precariously when in use. Since it belonged to my great grandma, I finally decided to spend the money and have it completely re-worked.

And here is the finished chair, looking almost new!

Around here, reupholstering furniture seems to be a lost art. After spending some time at the local shop, I came to appreciate the artistry involved in restoring old furniture. The gentleman who refinished it for me does impeccable work. He completely re-built the chair, replaced the cushions, and added extra details to the upholstery.

I'm very glad I had this family heirloom restored.


Fonda said...


Sarah C. said...

Gorgeous! Absolutely well worth it. :)

Linda said...

He did a beautiful job! Also your floors look great!

Kristina said...

Looks wonderful!

Heather said...

Very nice! It was money well spent, I'm sure - especially since it's a family heirloom!