20 May 2011

Feline Friday: Lily's Trip to the Vet

Among a few other activities, this week marked Lily’s check-up at the vet. True to form, she parked herself inside her carrier and, by the time we had to leave, had made a little nest in her soft pink towel and was sleeping peacefully. Drowsily she rode along next to me, looking all the while like she was enjoying the outing until…

...WE TURNED THE CORNER TO THE VET'S OFFICE. Like a bullet, Lily sat straight up and began to cry that piteous “I KNOW WHERE YOU’RE TAKING ME!” cry that cat people know all too well.

Little did I know that things were only going to get WORSE.

While waiting for our appointment, I could see a man approaching the office carrying a pillow case pinched tight at the top. Just before he came through the door, he lifted the bag and kissed it. Yes, he kissed it.


I knew what was in that bag -- and it certainly wasn't a kitten.

Of all the places to park himself, the guy sat down on the bench NEXT TO ME. Well, next to Lily (still in her carrier). I glanced over at the bag resting in his lap and saw it writhe. He lifted the pillow case high, as if he WANTED me to ask him about it.

I felt the blood drain from my body. I am DEATHLY afraid of snakes and here sat one next to me, loosely corralled in flowered fabric.

“HEHEHEHE” he laughed maniacally (okay, I had now stereotyped the guy as some kind of raving lunatic). “He’s more active than he’s been all day!”

I took the bait. Smiling weakly, I asked, “So what is it that you have there?”

“Oh, he’s just a little corn snake.”

JUST A LITTLE CORN SNAKE! I don't care if it's a MICROSCOPIC corn snake! The fact remains that it's a SNAKE and it's next to me! Not locked in a box, but loose in a pillow case! (Of course, I didn't say any of those things because that would have been rude. Instead I tried to smile pleasantly.)

He peeked into the bag and laughed again. I could feel in my gut that he was on the verge of fishing the snake out to show me. In an effort to look busy, I whipped out my phone and texted Daughter: "AT VET - SNAKE IN BAG NEXT TO ME" and received her immediate response: "OMG! RUN! RUN! RUN!" Her fear of snakes probably surpasses my own.

Thankfully I was spared further torment because at that moment, they called Lily back to the exam room. Such was my fear that I was transformed momentarily into a Bad Cat Mom, using Lily's carrier for protection as I squeezed past the snake, my legs so weak I could barely walk.
Once in the exam room, I felt much safer but Lily snarled, hissed, and required three professionals to hold her down long enough for her shot. In short, she lived up to the "FEISTY" label on her file.

But let me assure you, her feistiness was mild compared to the scene I would have made if that "little corn snake" had shown his face to me.


Kristina said...

LOL! I don't like snakes, but they don't scare me like that either. Connor has always wanted to have one, he's a reptile freak, but I drew the line there. None of our kitties do well at the vet.

Judy said...

Why was that guy bringing a snake to the vet for anyway? YUCK!! I would not have been sitting anywhere close to him. Our vet has two waiting areas...one for small animals and one for large animals. I would have gone into the other waiting area. I have one cat that I actually just carry on my lap while I drive to the vet (Felix). He's pretty good now and used to the trip. The other one (Grayson) has not been for quite some time. I need to get him there soon. I bought a soft sided cat carrier and have it sitting in the living room for them to get comfortable with it. One day I'm going to have to zip Grayson up in it and then I'll really be in trouble. His file will also have 'fiesty' on it.

Janet said...

Kristina-It's amazing how awful Lily is at the vet! Tinsel, who isn't nearly as pleasant at home, is pretty sweet at the vet. Go figure! I guess they are used to it! And sheesh, I'd completely freak out at the prospect of a snake in my house! Good call! :D

Judy-My vet is a herpatologist (not sure if I'm spelling that right) so he takes all kinds of critters. In all the years of going to his office, I haven't ever run into a snake! I was literally trapped in the corner next to the guy. Scared me to death! I did the same thing with this large carrier -- left it out for awhile. Lily loves it but it still takes an army to push Tinsel into it!

Connie said...

Lol! At least it wasn't a BIRD in that bag!!!

Maureen said...

OMG!!!! I woulda been outta there like a shot!

Hilarious post tho Janet... I wonder WHY people keep snakes. Weird.

Heather said...

LOL! I'm sorry...I know it wasn't funny to you...but it is kinda funny. ;) Now had it been a poisonous snake or - God forbid - a SPIDER, I would've been moving to the other side of the room!!! OH, and that's too strange that she likes her carrier. Ours both hate them and run & hide as soon as we even take them out of the closet. Getting them INTO the carrier is tough!