22 November 2010

A Short But Sweet Weekend

We spent the weekend out East taking in the IU/Penn State game at FedEx Field and visiting family in the area. We packed a lot into a very short amount of time! I saw many things I had never seen before. Here are just a few:

1) FedEx Field, home of the Washington Redskins. A year ago, I MIGHT have heard of the Redskins, but I guarantee you I wouldn't have known the name of their home turf. Now I have been there!

2) An inflatable Nittany Lion. According to my brother-in-law, an outdoorsman extraordinaire, the Penn State mascot is named after lions who hailed from the Nittany mountain range. Gentle readers, do not be alarmed. This inflatable lion was used for tailgating purposes. It was not at all fierce!

3) The completely amazing IU "Marching Hundred" band playing in a professional football stadium. These kids have delivered one great performance after another this season and I was thrilled to see them perform in a big venue.

4) Daughter on the JumboTron. Spouse thinks that if you're on the JumboTron at the Redskins' stadium, you've surely arrived. I think that may be stretching it just a tad, but it was still cool to see her larger than life.


Heather said...

How neat! Awesome job catching her while she was on the screen. If it were me, I'd probably get my camera pointed at it about the time they switched to someone else!

Sarah C. said...

How cool about the JumboTron! Love how it's in the shot too so it's a bigger than life daughter behind another bigger than life daughter. :D Yes, easily amused over here. hehe Sounds like a very fun, full weekend!

katie said...

Amazing pictures, Janet! I am so proud of how your football knowledge has expanded! Not many people can say they were on the jumbo tron at Fed-X Stadium!!

Linda said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. And it is very cool that your daughter was on the JumboTron. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Looks like fun!