05 November 2010

Feline Friday: Manicure, please?

Things are really exciting at our house these days. The girls have a new manicure station, otherwise known as a scratching device!

This reversible scratching device is from PetSmart. The top side (not shown) has a sisal scratching area. Tinsel prefers the top but (of course) Lily likes the other side which is covered with carpet. Lily's the one with the claws, so she generally gets her way. You can see that there is an attached toy which hangs down when the device is turned right side up.

Lily loves the new manicure station. Her nails look great! It has taken a few days to redirect her inappropriate scratching to this new device, but she's learning quickly.

Can't say the same of Spouse, who has tripped over it more times than he'd care to admit!


Maureen said...

Hah! Yeah, I can see MY spouse perfectly aligning his foot with that curve...

It looks very cool though! And sweet photos, as usual!

Kristina said...

I so wish our cats would like a toy like this. I've purchased several different types of scratching thingys, but they would rather use our furniture. I guess I love my cats more than I love my furniture...lol

Heather said...

I might have to get one of these for Sam & Beldar. Beldar loves the cardboard scratching posts, but his are all worn out. Sam won't use those, but maybe they would both use one of these.

Janet said...

Maureen - Yes, it catches him pretty much every time. :)

Kristina - I bought this out of desperation. Lily doesn't bother the furniture but has really made a mess of the carpet. Since she seems to like to scratch in the horizontal position, I thought this might work. I really lucked out because she really does like it! Even Tinsel, who has no front claws, likes it. :)

Heather - They have one of those cardboard things, too, but Lily uses it to nap on, not to scratch! I couldn't see her using a vertical post, but so far, she loves this one!