09 November 2010

Cooking on the Go

With our daughter in school 8+ hours away, we've had occasion lately to make a few road trips. It seems that we always fill up our gas tank at one particular truck stop. The first time I walked into the store, I was quite surprised to hear the woman behind the counter announce over the loud speaker: "Shower #23 is available. Shower #23." So I ventured to the back of the store to check it out and found a bank of showers at the ready. Who knew you could shower at a truck stop?

While I was scoping out the showers, I discovered something else at the back of the store, obviously designed for the over-the-road trucker:

An entire line of appliances you can plug into your lighter!

Need a pot of coffee for your run? No problemo...Java to go! Hungry for pizza? Just plug the oven into your lighter and your pizza will be ready in no time. How about a cozy crockpot of stew? By the time you hit Newark, dinner will be served.

And clean up is easy! Just plug in an over-the-road Dirt Devil and tidy up your rig.

I'm not a trucker (a fact which should be obvious to most), but I may very well invest in one of these handy appliances for our lengthy drives to Indiana. With a portable stove on board, there would be no need to stop for lunch! Why, we could shave 30 minutes or more from our travel time!

If only we didn't have to make an occasional pit stop.

Now that I think of it, I'll bet the truck stop carries something for THAT, too. Next time we stop there, I'll look. :)

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