12 November 2010

Feline Friday: My Apologies in Advance

I need to offer an apology in advance to anyone attending my upcoming Christmas mini-album class (which is going to be great fun, BTW).

I had to leave the house unexpectedly in the middle of making my kits and when I returned home...

Lily had somehow made her way out of the basement and was fast asleep in the pile of ribbon.

Naughty Lily! You might make our friends sneeze while they're making our project! :(

But doesn't she look glamorous in tulle?


KarenSue said...

Cat hair is an embellishment, just ask any cat. at least she did not put teeth marks in it, like my Winston would have done

yes, Lily looks fabulous in tulle

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Does she ever!!!!!!

Linda said...

She was just checking on your progress. :) Tulle looks great on Lily.