22 October 2010

Feline Friday: Unwelcome Visitor

Poor Tinsel. Every evening after dark, she's on alert -- looking out the windows, prowling around the house, interrupting her evening nap schedule. Why?

We've been having a mysterious night visitor. This cat (which is HUGE, I might add) has visited several evenings during the past couple of weeks. As soon the cat shows up, the normally mild-mannered Tinsel goes into some kind of crazed fighter mode.

She growls.

She huffs.

She puffs.

She smacks the window panes with her paws.

She is FIERCE.

Lily thinks she's completely nuts.

And the visitor just sits there, completely expressionless, staring at Tinsel. From the outside looking in, Tinsel's behavior must REALLY look insane.

I wish I knew where this cat lives. But every time I've tried to open the door to greet him, he runs (or rather LUMBERS) away, belly swinging. Our visitor is obviously well-fed and just out for a nightly stroll.

And poor Tinsel has to have several treats before she settles down and gets back to her evening nap.

But it's good to know the house is safe and sound... as long as Tinsel is awake.


Daisy said...

Wowie, that is some excitement! I feel a bit sad for the intruder. Maybe he just wants to be friends?

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Good for tinsel for pulling her weight! I always call Sugar "Good for nothing", but actually he similarly guards us against a visitor squirrel!

Janet said...

Daisy, I feel sorry for the kitty, too! Tinsel is not using her manners. But, as Jill says, she is keeping us safe! :)

Funny that Sugar defends against squirrels! I think Tinsel would welcome a squirrel! lol

Fonda said...

Tinsel has an admirer!

Maureen said...

Yes, I do think Tinsel is being courted! Poor fella; good thing for him she is inside! ;)