08 October 2010

Feline Friday: A Trip to the Yard

One nice day this week, I harnessed up Tinsel to take her for a walk in the yard. The kitties get SO EXCITED when they see the leash. They both run to the door!

Unfortunately, Lily has grown too large to fit in the harness, so she uses a collar. We only have one leash so the girls have to take turns. Lily, you can go next!

Tinsel absolutely loves to go outside. She makes a beeline to the grass where she always eats enough to throw up -- after she's back inside on the carpet.


Tinsel has no front claws but she likes to "pretend sharpen" on the trees in the yard. It's a very outdoorsy kind of thing to do.

Hurry with the sharpening, Tinsel! Somebody else is waiting for her trip to the yard!


Heather said...

I love it! I really need to get a harness for our two and take them for outings. Of course, at 13 & 14, I've probably waited to long to get them used to a harness & leash. :op

Linda said...

Cute photos of Tinsel. I tried to take Tiger out on a harness and she hated it. When I went to take it off of her, she attacked me. Not a fun time for anyone which is too bad because I think she would enjoy it.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

So cute!!!! I love that second one chomping the grass. I bet Sugar and Nimue would like that! Actually, Older Gal would probably like it even more than either of the cats.

Incidentally, I put up a couple photos of Sugar eating some roses, not tonight but the one I put up right before tonight's. I think Sugar asked for Tinsel & Lily to go see. :-) :-) :-)

Daisy said...

That looks very fun! I have not been Outside for a long time. Hey, Moooooooooom!