09 October 2009

Feline Friday: Mi Furever Home

Dis week, my mommi reeded me a stori about a kitti whoo wated 19 yeers to find a furever home. I wuz rilly lukki and did not haf to wate vary long. Todai I am goin to tel u about da dai I goed to mi furever home.

I wuz onlee ate weiks old an stayin at a vedernarien orafiss wif my kitti mommi an too bruffers. Lots of peepul dare plaied wif me. One dai my hooman mommi called to see if day had any grai tabbi kittis to dopt.

Yes, day did! Me, me, ME! I waifed mi paw in dee aire!

Da lady at da orafiss putted a bloo neklass on me wif mi mommi's naim. Da vary next dai she comed to see me. I wuz playin wif my bruffers but i stopped rite awai when i seed her. Da lady let mi mommi holded me.

I cud tel she luved me rite awai. I luved her bak. I purred an purred. Rilly lowd.

Den day cutted my toenales and did sum ozzer stufs to me and den i had to say bi to my kitti mommi and bruffers. I wuz sad to leef my mommi but my bruffers, not rilly dat much.

Den I went in a CAR! ZUME! As sune as we got to my new hows, I meeted mi noo hooman sister who I luved alott and den I started lernin stuf.

Lik da cumpootr! Luk at me heer playin a gaim!

An rite awai mi mommi teeched me how to krapbuk, wich i stil doo todai. Mi speshul talunt is imbelishmuntz.

Uh, der wuz onlee one smal problum at mi noo hows. Well, a kinda big problum --> Tinsul.

I asked Tinsul to bee my noo kitti mommi but she spitted at me. Den I tride to slepe rilly clos by her (and itz troo, I tride to lick her tummi one tyme) but she telled me to get lost. Mi mommi telled Tinsul to bee nise and den she wuz a littul niser.

Rite awai i was so happi to be in my furever home. I feeled saif an warm an luved.

Rited an also typed by Lily
(I did it all bi miselfs!)


Heather said...

Aww!! Very sweet story! Thanks for sharing, Lily! :)

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

So so sooooooooooo cute!!!! Sugar hated Nimue when we first got Nimue too! But the weird thing is, Sugar used to be a MEAN cat. But once we got Nimue, he calmed down a LOT LOT LOT! And then once I got divorced and he wasn't living with my ex husband anymore, he got even nicer. And so now he only mauls people every now and again.

Judy said...

That is the nicest story and I thank Lily for sharing that with us. She is one lucky 'girl' to have such a loving home.

Daisy said...

Oh Lily, what a wonderful story! Thanks for telling us about how you were gotted.

Debbie said...

Cute, cute, cute photos of baby Lily (and Tinsel's look says I am not amused!). Lily is so lucky to have such a wonderful forever home.

KarenSue said...

aww, Lily, youre story is great and your pictures are just the cutest!

Laura said...

What a great story. Rescued kitties are the best ones. :)

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

So glad you found a nice forever home before waiting 19 years! Hopefully in time you and Tinsul can become good friends.

Maureen said...

AW.... great post Lily! You are very lucky indeed!