18 October 2009

End of the season

Yesterday, our marching band performed in the state marching contest and an evening competition, taking first place and the drumline caption award .

All in all, it was a good end to the season. All marching band seasons are memorable, but this one brought some special challenges. This fall, our kids have played in freezing temperatures, rain, wind, and snow. They bought hand warmers in bulk and became well-acquainted with Toasty Toes. They even wore garbage bags for the homecoming show because the weather was so miserable.

This season, the H1N1 virus also showed up and wreaked havoc on our band, taking out 18 kids last Saturday, the day of our biggest competition. Yet those who remained rose to the challenge and delivered a second-place finish in spite of difficult odds and horrendous weather conditions.

The season is officially over, but those who have been in marching band know that it never really leaves you. Many of these kids will go on to march in college. Some may become music educators. And some may have a child of their own one day who decides to play an instrument.

And their eyes will light up as they tell that young child about their altogether wonderful days in marching band. Those vivid memories become the spark that ignites the torch as it is passed from one generation to the next.

Thanks, Marching Dragons. Pass it on.


Kristina said...

Love your commentary! I wish Connor would get interested in something like this. My mother was the head majorette at East, I was a cheerleader at Norwalk and it would be fun to go to these type of activities now, but so far, no interest in anything sports or music related. I'm afraid I'll be going to science/engineering competitions....how exciting! :0

Debbie said...

What a great way to finish up band for the year! And some wonderful memories to treasure.

Debbie said...

P.S I hope you are feeling better.