03 November 2008

My beloved Born sandals

I've added a new feature to my blog: The Daily Sandal Report. Check it out on the right side of the page.

You see, I love my Born sandals SO MUCH that I never, never want to take them off. ** I could sleep in them (and probably have). I have a brown pair and a black pair, both exactly the same, so I never have to be without them. I'm really attached to them because Born discontinued this particular style of sandal, so when they wear out I can never get another pair! (Of course, my plan is just to have them continuously repaired at the shoe place.)

**No, that organic-looking woman on the Born website is not me.

The only trouble is that we happen to live in the Midwest. From late November until the end of March, we have something called WINTER, which involves a lot of snow and ice. This weather is not conducive to sandal-wearing.

Unless, of course, you wear socks with your sandals. My teenage daughter has threatened to disown me if I ever do that. (Of course, I do it anyway, but I just make sure she doesn't see me!)

This week, we're having a very warm spell...and the sandals, which were put away for a short period, are now BACK ON THE FEET! I'm looking forward to at least another few days of sandals before the next cold spell.

Look for Daily Sandal Reports for as long as I remember to do them. :-)


Lily said...

a little too fruit and nutty for me. Of course, I could wear them year

Cheri said...

Um, your daughter has been known to read this blog...your socks with sandals secret might just be outta the bag now;)

I too love sandals (though usually not flip flops), but I also LOVE warm feet, so my little piggies have no problems being covered up when the weather turns cold!

Christopher kept putting his sandals on in the mornings when it was 30 and he was headed to kindergarten. So I too put his away and told him no more until spring. Yep, had to dig those back out again just like you did!:)

toners said...

ROFL!!! I remember when we lived in CA we wore sandals/flip flops for most of the year...now in CO there are definitely seasonal changes with our footwear!

Looking forward to the Sandal Reports...

Kathy said...

Nice post..! Well, I too love my sandals.

Linda said...

I saw that you were having a warm spell, I hope it comes my way soon. Enjoy your sandals while you can!