09 October 2008

Six Secrets

I was tagged by Linda to share six secrets. This was a fun exercise and really made me stop and think. Some of these secrets may surprise you; others not so much!

1 Unlike Sarah C :-), I make my bed every day. If I happen to miss a day and it is time to go to sleep, I still make my bed and then immediately unmake it. I could not get into a bed that hasn’t been made. I am not sure what might happen. lol

2 When I was little, our family meals consisted of meat, potatoes, and a vegetable. For a variety of reasons (my own finickiness included), we never had casseroles or soups or anything with more than one ingredient. Once in 6th grade, I went to a sleepover and they were serving a strange food – pizza! I had never seen it before and wasn’t sure what it was, so I called home to be sure it was OK to eat! lol

3 Like Sarah C, I also have a soap opera secret. Spouse and I have been watching "As the World Turns" since we were little kids. We went to the same college, and we even watched it there every day over lunch with a group of friends. We still tape it and watch it at night. It’s kind embarrassing, actually. I’m not sure why I’m even sharing this! lol

4 When eating a meal, I have to eat all of one food before I move on to the next. I could never eat a bite of one thing and then a bite of another. I’m not sure what might happen if I were to do that. I think food might get all mixed up in my stomach, instead of going down in nice layers. :-)

5 As a result of some bad experiences with swimming lessons when I was a child, I am pretty much deathly afraid of water, except for wading in the ocean. I would love to live near a body of water, as long as I didn't have to submerge myself in it.

6 When I was little, my friend Loreen and I played some tricks on younger girls in the neighborhood. The worst one involved an outhouse in Loreen’s back yard. We were small enough that we could lower our legs into the outhouse hole by bracing our elbows on either side of the hole – our legs were too short for our feet to touch any of the nasty stuff below. Well, one day we told the younger neighbor girl that there was a Secret World down below the outhouse hole. We showed her how to lower herself down and...you guessed it...she slipped through the hole and landed with a sickening "PLOP".

I’ll never forget how they had to tip the outhouse on its side to get her out. There she sat screaming and crying in a pile of nasty stuff, toilet paper sticking out wildly all over her body. I'm sure it's taken years of therapy for her to get past this incident.

To make matters even worse, I lied about my involvement in this little plot. Of course, that didn’t go so well for me. :-)

Now I'm tagging fellow blogger Lily! :-)


Lily said...

omg, the outhouse story is hysterical. Who knew you were an evil genius!

Darcey said...

Great Secrets!

Sarah C. said...

I suppose I can forgive you for being a bed maker. ;) LOL I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard at your last secret. Terrible of me, but it is funny and gross.

Sharon said...

OMG, Miss Janet, I cannot believe that you would do this to a little girl and then LIE about it. Oh dear! I'm not sure that you should tell any more secrets. :) For sure, I will never go near an outhouse with you.

Benita said...

Loved reading about your secrets :)

toners said...

ROFL!!! Loooove the outhouse story! That cracked me up!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

OH GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ICK!!!!!!!!

Too funny on the pizza! The only time I ever really eat one food at a time is if there's something on the plate I don't like. Then I try and eat that one up first to get it over with quickly.

Fonda said...

Oh MY, I didn't know you had such naughtieness in you Janet!! :)
Thanks for sharing your secrets with us!

Linda said...

I am now hooked on 2 soaps, One Life to Live and General Hospital and I also watched them as a kid. And the outhouse story is just too gross, poor girl! Thanks for playing along Janet!