15 October 2008

6 Random Things

I’ve been tagged by fellow blogger, Judy, to share 6 random things. This is a tough one, because have a hard time being random! So here are a few random, yet not-so-random, things about me that you may not know:

1) Against all common sense, I sometimes drink coffee in the late evening. I must have built up a tolerance to caffeine, because it doesn’t keep me awake at night.

2) When I was growing up, I had a box turtle. This turtle was about the size of a grapefruit and lived in a TV box in the basement. My cat, Mittens, used to sleep curled up around the turtle. One day, Mittens must have slept too long because the turtle was smothered! I discovered it when my parents had company and went screaming through the house carrying the smothered turtle.

3) I am directionally challenged. I get lost regularly, in many cities and in other countries. One of the worst times was when I was living in Paris in college and had a job babysitting two young girls after school. I was supposed to pick them up after school and walk them home, but I had been out sightseeing somewhere else in the city and got lost trying to find my way back. Luckily I made it in time, but just barely!

4) I have a lot of trouble remembering people’s names. I can almost always remember faces, but sometimes I can’t remember how I know someone either. I’ve always been this way and it is really embarrassing.

5) In college, I worked a summer job at a window factory. My job was to make mini-blinds, the kind with metal slats. It was actually a very difficult task to learn, because you had to hold an entire stack of slats and thread them through two or more hanging “ladders” of string loops. But I caught on quickly and actually became pretty skilled at making them. Being the "Type A" person that I am, I kept challenging myself to make more and more blinds each day. One day, one of the regular workers pulled me aside and told me to slow down since I was making everyone else’s numbers look bad!

6) I enjoy reading non-fiction books much more than fiction. I almost never read fiction.

I think many of my blogging friends have done this challenge, but if you’re reading this and have not, consider yourself tagged!


toners said...

Great post, Janet! I have one or two cups of tea in the evening and, like you, it doesn't keep me awake!

LOL about the blinds!

Sarah C. said...

Great post! LOL about making too many blinds. ;)

You've been tagged again...HERE.

Linda said...

LOL about the mini blinds! I posted a couple kitten photos today. Come check out my little cutie!

Cheri said...

Ok, I can't get past the poor turtle...I like turtles, and LOVED them as a child. I was SO disappointed that I couldn't have one b/c they wouldn't sell them under 4 inches, and my parents couldn't/wouldn't buy a gigantic aquarium for a large turtle.

I suppose we should have just gone out in nature to find a little one, but the salmonella thing freaked us out a little.