03 May 2008

Eukanuba, widgets, Arnold, garage sale, and who the heck is that cat?

First of all, I hope I haven't alarmed anyone with the new blog template. No, I do not know who that cat is, but I love the expression on his/her face. :-) Wish I could replace that cat picture with one of my own, but such are the limits of a canned template.

Obviously my widgets are lost again (or still). I have no time today to restore the widgets, so we'll have to function without them for the time being. I think everyone will be OK. :-)

For all who expressed concern about the hole in the Eukanuba bag (LOL), we do have a plastic container in which those tasty morsels are stored. I just left the paper bag in the cupboard to see exactly how long it would take Lily to gnaw through it. The old bags were made of plastic, which required more work on her part. The paper bag is way too easy!

In all the garage sale excitement yesterday, I forgot to take a picture of Arnold. He is still submerged in water and I'll get to him later. Rest assured that Arnold looks about the same as yesterday, still growing incrementally.

The garage sale was a complete BUST (no reference to the coconut bikini). A cold rain fell most of the day, and by mid-morning we had gale-force winds (yes, I'm exaggerating a tad...). I'll have a full report with photos at some later point.


toners said...

ROFL at the startled look on that cat's face!!! He/she is perfect for your blog!

Sorry to hear the garage sale wasn't the success you had hoped...are you going to have another one?

Maureen said...

Wow, I just LOVE the new look! Very cool indeed.

Yeah, too bad your garage sale wasn't a success. I had to laugh at all the people trying to do sales today; it SNOWED again!

Sarah C. said...

The first thing I noticed was the big cat peeking at me from the background. :) I thought it fit perfectly. Bummer about the garage sale. Interested to read your update though.

Linda said...

I love the new blog template. That was the one bad thing about when I switched was loosing my sidebar stuff. Sorry your garage sale wasn't all that, did anyone buy the coconut bikini? :)