14 May 2008

Random Musings on a Wednesday

Bad blogger. Bad blog hopper. Yep, that's me. Thank you to everyone who has dropped by over the past several days. I finally have my various projects wrapped up sufficiently that I can get back into the proverbial saddle again.

Perhaps no one but me has noticed, but it's actually been a couple of weeks since I've mused randomly, at least in public. So, in no particular order, here are random thoughts I've collected since the last batch:

* Has anyone noticed the frequency with which professional figure skaters are falling on the ice? It's gotten to the point where you can't watch figure skating without just about everyone falling down. I'm sorry, but I just don't want to see this. It really bothers me, to the point that I can hardly even watch figure skating.

* Along the same lines, when people play the NPR
puzzle with Puzzlemaster Will Shortz, I get really nervous. In fact, if they struggle with the puzzle, I will actually turn off the radio. If they're really good, I'll listen. Does this make me a terrible person?

* Ah...There's nothing like waking up and stepping in something produced by either the front or back end of a cat.

* Is it really bad to eat cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

* Total profit from my garage sale: $10.10. No, that's not a typo.

* I dropped off a bunch of stuff from my failed garage sale at Goodwill last week -- kitchen items, clothing, and whatnot. As he was writing out my receipt, the guy who helped me asked if I was going to have two margaritas that evening. Huh? First of all, I don't like margaritas, and secondly, I only made $10.10 at my sale. Now, had I been dropping off the coconut bikini, then perhaps the question would have been more logical.

* Speaking of garage sales, my friend Connie recently confessed that she owns 32 turtlenecks. Yes, you read that right: 32 turtlenecks. I'm one who would happily wear the same thing every day, so I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the idea of 32 of anything. And there's more: Connie's Turtleneck Inventory includes something like eight red ones and 11 white ones. I've thought about this a lot, and I'm still having a hard time grasping why anyone might need that many red turtlenecks. Connie (bless her heart) now lives in the South and is finding that she just doesn't need them so much these days, so she recently tried to sell just a few (11, I think) of her turtlenecks at a garage sale. Sadly, there just didn't seem to be much of a market. :-)

* Arnold, of Grow a Boyfriend fame (view recent posts, if you missed reading about Arnold), is now in the dry-down stage and is shrinking back to his original size of 2 inches. Assuming Lily doesn't eat him first, he will soon go home with a friend of Daughter so she, too, can experience the fun of slimy Arnold.

* Oh, the prospect of Lily eating Arnold is rather alarming. Remember, he grows when wet. Inside Lily's tummy, he could really expand. Probably best to not let that happen.

* Still need to restore my blog widgets. I figured out how to get into the HTML code and remove the nasty orange Pyzam banner. Some nice Blogger geek gave me the color codes so that I can go deeper into the HTML and tweak a few of my blog colors. I know just enough to be very dangerous here. Long story short: Look for changes (hopefully improvements) in the coming days.

* I like beginnings but not endings. Especially the last one of anything. Except for the "reveal" on various HGTV shows. I'll make an exception for that.

* On that same subject, do you ever wonder if anyone on those shows absolutely HATES the room or house makeover? You know that it HAS to happen. What happens to those episodes? I want to see them!

* Still up to my knees in dirt and mulch. I have spread 18 bags and still have many more to go. Lots of digging, dividing, and moving stuff around. It's all a great experiment.

* I have a tendency to state the obvious, or to ask questions with obvious answers. (My family's favorite from my vast collection over the years is this: How much does a 20-cent stamp cost? There was a good and valid reason I asked that question! Back in those days, stamp machines were relatively new and I wondered if there was a surcharge when purchasing a stamp from a machine. See???)

ANYWAY...over the weekend we went to Pizza Ranch for the buffet. I had never been there, and I wondered what was on the buffet, so I asked if it included pizza. (Picture family members falling down laughing.) Now, of course I had a good and valid reason for asking this question: I've been to buffets at pizza places that included ONLY pizza, and I'd heard that this one had lots of other things, so I just wanted some clarification. See??? Just so ya know, Pizza Ranch has not only pizza, but also ranch-flavored bread sticks. Hence the name, Pizza Ranch, I guess.

* I am still going to the fitness club and I must confess that I feel more energetic and limber since I started this form of torture. I've learned that I cannot operate the Elliptical thing, but I'm pretty good on the recumbent bike now, especially if I can watch reruns of Rock of Love or Boy Meets Grill.

* Recently at the fitness club I was pedaling away to The Food Network when a young man hopped up onto the treadmill next to me. He was wearing loose-fitting shorts and proceeded to reach in them and somehow pull off another pair of shorts. (It was not unlike the episode of Mr. Bean in which he attempts to put on swimming trunks over dress pants.) After that, this young man continued to reach into his shorts for unknown reasons, presumably for some type of adjustment. Of course, I was pedaling away and not supposed to be noticing this, but with the large mirrors on the wall, it was a bit hard to ignore. Needless to say, I was relieved when he finally started to run.

* I have some version of one particular recurring dream every few months. I've had it a couple of times recently. It's always the same problem: I'm a college student and I suddenly realize that I have somehow forgotten to attend several of my classes. I haven't even purchased the textbooks. I show up in class and sure enough, a test is scheduled for that day and I'm completely unprepared. I always wake up in a complete panic. In this latest version, the instructor was Carter Oosterhouse of the HGTV show, Carter Can. Methinks this is a sign of too much HGTV.

And last, but certainly not least, I'll leave you with this:

* In searching for something related to Lolcats, I recently came across the Lolcat Bible Translation Project. I realize that some may find this sacrilegious, but if you enjoy Lolcat speak, take a look at Genesis according to Ceiling Cat. Aside from the obvious question of who the heck has time for this kind of project, it does make for a humorous read.


Connie said...

Just to clarify - I'm keeping 11 turtlenecks (those in the picture), I sold 1, and 21 went to Goodwill yesterday. Alas, the South is not a turtleneck wearing area.

Maureen said...

Aw, rats, I could always use more turtlenecks... and since I am Canadian, the red and white ones would have been perfect. *sigh*

And yes, waking up to a squishy feeling between the toes is the worst... been there, done that. And if I don't "find" it, someone else in the family will kindly point it out to me so *I* can clean it up... isn't that thoughtful of them??

I like beginngings too.. the first half of Gone with the Wind or Titanic... I always wish they would turn out different in the end.

Oh, I have seen some makeover shows where they have gone back to the house weeks later to find everything put back the way it was before the show; I think it was the British version... anyway, it was hilarious!

Heather said...

I am so happy to see your rambling today. First, it always makes me smile! And now I have comments (that I had to write down) to the ramblings. Always happy to know you are an NPR listener too! Cereal is fine for all meals, after all it's more nutritious than cake. Wow! 32 turtlenecks. I confess I have 3 white ones. But all are worn for different purposes. I know, sounds weird. I'm more of an endings person. Or, show me the before and after but I don't need an hour of "how we did it" in between! I'm a stater-of-the-obvious too. Like when I call my husband at home and say "You're home"!
And finally, I don't like to see any kind of "adjusting" in public and I would have been afraid of him running for fear of "something" popping out! I don't go to the gym anymore largely because of the other people there!

emily said...

I am laughing out loud! I needed the laugh today and your blog is funny! Particularly the thought of what might happen to Arnold the boyfriend....OMG! And...of course cereal is an all-purpose meal...anytime..any day!

The Smart One said...

Uh... stamp machines were around when I was a kid, or about a dozen years before this event. Nice justification, though. [Yes, it's part of why we lover her so]

Linda said...

It is so nice to see you rambling again!

Fonda said...

Oh Janet, I too am laughing out loud. Do you think that fella at the gym was flirting with you! Glad to see you're caught up with domestic issues and can get back to the "real" world! haha. Sorry you didn't fare better with your yard sale! I bet someone at GoodWill got some great deals!