01 May 2008

Day 4: Arnold Redeems Himself; Free Shipping

It's Day 4 of Grow a Boyfriend, and Arnold has finally started to show some progress. He measures a tad bit over 3 inches in length now, and he is suddenly much larger overall. I'm starting to feel like there is hope for Arnold.

I was delayed today in posting about Arnold because my mom and I have been setting up for our annual (completely unprofitable but always enjoyable) garage sale. Last year, I tried unsuccessfully to sell my 20-year old wool suits. This year, however, I'm sure our sale will be great because Mom brought along a few very appealing items, notably this "one size fits most" coconut bikini (sorry, we only have the top):

You may be wondering why my mom has a coconut bikini. I have to say that the question crossed my mind, too. The answer no less disturbing: The neighbor man gave it to her. We're asking 75 cents for this choice item, and if anyone reading this post is interested, I'll even throw in free shipping. I won't even ask what you plan to do with it.

Mom also brought along this baked potato-shaped dish to sell. She apparently acquired it with a box of stuff at an estate sale, and she doesn't seem to have a need for it. We think it would look lovely on the dinner table filled with mashed potatoes. I won't even charge you for the potato. Free shipping on this one, too.

And if you like sour cream on your potatoes, you won't want to miss this small potato-shaped dish with matching spoon. Admit it: This is completely adorable, isn't it? And completely free, folks.

Look for another garage sale report tomorrow. Remember, free shipping.
Except for Arnold, of course.


Sarah C. said...

I made that difficult part with my own coconut bikini in the not to distant past. Tell your mom if she needs a support buddy, I'm there. :) And, no. No details on how I came across mine, but I did have a matching grass skirt. ;)

Kris with a K said...

Oh my word, I have that same potato dish! My mom painted it when she was into ceramics in the 70s. I love mine! I also have a salad bowl that looks like a head of lettuce, and a dish for waffles of which the 'cover' is made to look like a stack of waffles with butter and syrup!

Love the sour cream dish. That is stinking cute!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Too funny! I just saw that coconut bikini thing in the oriental trading company catalogue. I was actually amazed at how cheap they were for real coconuts. Unfortunately it seems a little inappropriate for the 13 year olds I was trying to buy something for...

Connie said...

I have a giant palm leaf that I'm selling at my sale next weekend . . . I know someone out there would look wonderful wearing the coconut bikini and lounging under the palm . . . cold drink in hand, of course! If anyone is interested, let Janet know, cuz she knows how to get in touch w/me! LOL

Cheri said...

Methinks the potato dishes would make GREAT elephant gifts at the next company Christmas party:)