05 February 2008

Short and sweet

Since Saturday, we have been experiencing PSI: Painfully Slow Internet.

Slower than dial-up.

As in three minutes to load the Google home page. Then repeated time-outs.

There are few things that irritate me more than PSI.

We concluded that our PSI was due to fact that four undersea cables were recently cut, slowing internet traffic worldwide. With a problem of this magnitude, it's not a wonder that our internet is slow.

Turns out, however, that this is not the reason for our PSI. Looks like our cable (it was never buried after the last repair) has been scraped or even chewed by something. Perhaps the neighbor dog. We don't know, and it really doesn't matter.

So until Larry the Cable Guy can get here and fix the problem, I'm essentially incommunicado.



Linda said...

That really stinks, I hope it get fixed soon.

Lida said...

Oh no, that is one of my worst nightmares, really hoping is over soon.

toners said...

Oh, I hope you're back up to speed (literally!) very soon!

:: gingerkitty :: said...

OH NO, not that.. anything but that. I guess it is a good time to scraparama