13 February 2008

The Look

Does your cat give you "The Look"?

Tinsel gives it to me daily, especially when she's waiting on me, usually in my scrapbooking area.

Even more than Lily, Tinsel is my helper when I work on projects. She finds the one full inch of clear space on my table and perches there, right in the middle of everything.

And quite often she gives me "The Look", like she's doing in this photo. Possible interpretations of "The Look" include:

a) "Do you not see me here? Hurry up, woman! I'm hungry!"
b) "Because you are not responsive to my needs, I have left you a special reminder gift on the landing."
c) "I'm stuck to the table with a glue dot."

How about you? Do you get "The Look"? What does it mean at your house?


Anonymous said...
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Heather said...

I get "the look" quite frequently, and like you, it usually comes from the only available workspace I had when I'm right in the middle of something. LOL

Sarah C. said...

ROFL! Too cute. Cali will jump right up on top of whatever project I'm working on. Honestly, I'm shocked if a page survives without cat hair as an unintended embellishment. ;) BTW, the 3rd option is my favorite. :D

Darcey said...

I get the look when Tiger is hungry or when I sit cupcake next to him for a picture.

toners said...

In our house the look can mean: "there's a furball somewhere in this house that you will only find when you step on it"; "it really wasn't me who knocked over that cup of milk"; or "I really did clean my butt before sitting on your counter - honest!" :)

Linda (twopeas) said...

This is funny!!! Love the look :) Mine gives me the look regularly, it is indeed mostly food related! Mine will start walking little round on my table when I'm scrapping, highly annoying! Oh well, cats :)

Lida said...

LMBO!!! That is hilarious and yes I get the look a lot, Tinsel is so pretty!!

Fonda said...

Oh, I get the look alot from my Siamese Zoe. It's pet me, rub my belly, LOVE me! How is it they can find the ONE spot that gets your attention the fastest. For Zoe it is my scrapping chair, immediately after I vacate it. We share the chair A LOT!

Staci said...

I used to get "the look". What a beautiful cat you have!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I thought the look meant, "Human, you have yet again failed to warm my food to the proper temperature and buy me the French drinking water I require! I can't believe what I put up with in this household"...isn't that what those furballs expect?

Cheri said...

Tinsel has a great "look" all the way around:) I too like option C.

At our house, the beagles, of course, have their hound version of "the look" and of course, being hounds, it's ALWAYS about food!! I'm currently trying to upload a video to my blog of our beagle begging for his dinner...it might be too big...but if it uploads it'll be worth seeing, lol!

KarenSue said...

'the look' from our cat Cassandra is a simple "I'm not moving"

Maureen said...

Har! Glue Dot!!!

Yes, I know that LOOK very well. Usually it's when I'm on the laptop too long, or try unsucessfully to sleep in.... then I get the LOOK inches from my face first thing in the morning.

So cute, Janet!

Linda said...

How funny! My dog gives me that look when she needs to go out.

jp said...

Heather and Linda-Isn't it funny how kitties have to be in the middle of everything? It can be kind of irritating! :-)

Sarah-I find cat hair on my projects all the time! :-)

Darcey-So Tiger doesn't like his picture taken with company, huh? Cute!

Toni-Love that last one! Everytime I turn around they are on the counter!

Lida and Staci-Thank you! We think she is beautiful, too. Her personality is not so pleasing, though! :-)

Fonda-That's so funny about the chair! Tinsel is on my chair more than I am!

Jill-Definitely! Most cats are a finickly lot. Except Lily...she'd survive nicely eating carpet and drywall!

Cheri-Lily must be part beagle! She is definitely more like a dog than a cat! And how cool it is that a beagle won top honors at the big dog show!

KarenSue-Yep, I've had that look, too! :-)

Maureen-Oh, yes, I get the look in the morning, too. And if I don't budge, they do increasingly obnoxious things to force me to get up. Gotta love kitties!

Linda-Too cute!!

Henrietta said...

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