26 February 2008

Random Musings on a Tuesday

Since I have several things I really need to be doing today, I thought it would be good to work in a bit of PROCRASTINATION and post a few random musings. Here we go:

* This week, I discovered wikiHow, a collection of "how-to" articles covering just about everything a person might want to know. Here's a great article on How Not to Be Annoying. Forward the link as needed. :-)

* Tinsel has been experiencing some "bathroom missteps". I'm pretty sure it's a behavioral thing related to her rivalry with Lily, but I'm taking her to the vet on Thursday just to be sure.

"Please bring a stool and urine sample," the receptionist asked nicely.


"Confine Tinsel to a room with an empty litter box. Collect the feces in a plastic bag. Keep trying to get the FRESHEST specimen for us. Once you get a fresh one, put the bag IN YOUR FRIDGE until Tinsel's appointment."

Yeah, right.

* Something I am getting in trouble for lately: Not being able to make less than a full pot of coffee. Call me math-impaired, but I can't ever remember how many scoops of coffee to use for a partial pot. Methinks this calls for an attractive Excel chart.

* It's so freaking cold here that I've been wearing two pairs of socks all winter. When I peel them off, they stay together, one sock inside another. Kinda cute.

* Over the weekend, we discovered that the ends of Lily's eyebrow whiskers are all twisted like corkscrews. Some of her cheek whiskers are like that, too. They appear to be growing in like that. What does this mean? Is this cause for concern? Maybe she could work for the American Greetings card line, Twisted Whiskers.

* As much as you might like to, do not attempt to use a three-hole punch on a transparency.

* I love grid paper. Give me grid paper over lined paper any day. I recently discovered grid index cards at Staples. People, it just doesn't get much better than this.

* This morning, I heard the "jingle-jingle-jingle" of the bag of bells. Lily is ringing the bell for food pretty regularly now. Maybe I should post an article about teaching your cat to ring a bell for food on wikiHow.

* Last week, my mouse started acting up. The cursor wouldn't reach the top of the screen and it absolutely drove me nuts. I even took it apart and cleaned the roller-ball, but it still malfunctioned. So over the weekend, I got a new laser mouse. Oh, my gosh! It's so great! And in addition to the regular left and right buttons, it has buttons on the sides for back and forward Web navigation. Super cool!

* Caught part of a great program on public TV this week about raptors. They actually strapped tiny cameras to the backs of various falcons -- "Raptor Cam", so to speak. Absolutely amazing footage, especially when the birds swooped down on prey.

* Of course, the notion of "Raptor Cam" got me thinking about developing a "Lily Cam". I'm just not sure she'd go for a camera strapped to her back. Hmmm... some type of head gear might work, though ...

* Dear local Public Radio People: Please do not mess with your programming without consulting me first.

* I'm in a deep blue funk because as of yesterday, I'm completely out of frozen Starbucks Cranberry Bliss Bars. Can't get 'em again until November. *sigh*

* Why is it so ridiculously expensive to have furniture reupholstered? Completely cost-prohibitive. It's cheaper to buy new furniture than work with what you have. I find this totally irritating and completely contrary to my efforts to "reuse and re-purpose". Grrrr...

* If your cat eats breakfast at 5:30 a.m., she'll be ready for lunch by 10:00 a.m. Let this happen and I assure you: Your entire day will go to pot.


toners said...

LOLOL!!! One of our kittens, Aspen, also has crooked/bent/twisty eyebrows and whiskers...so you're not alone!

Cheri said...

Ok, let's see if I remember the finer points I wanted to comment on:
1. This is my favorite kind of post from you:)
2. Love your opener...it's always good to start a busy day with some procrasination. I am queen of that as well.
3. Good luck with the "samples"...and I thought it was difficult to get them from children when necessary at the clinic...
4. I could never remember the proper proportions of rice to water for our steamer. DH used an index card, ballpoint pen, and scotch tape to affix the instructions. An Excel chart would have been so much more attractive!
5. I use "freaking" frequently among friends, but would have never thought you'd say it! LOL:)
6. See if the Top Secrets Recipes guy came up with a recipe for the cranberry bliss bars! I know, you're not a huge fan of cooking, but for those, just maybe, the effort would be worthwhile:)
7. I should do a post like this of random musings on MY blog! Thanks for the idea, Janet:)

Linda said...

I have a hard enough time getting samples from my dogs, I can only imagine how much fun it would be to get it from a cat.

And now I feel the need to hole punch a transparency.

jp said...

Toni-Whew! Twisted whiskers are a "normal" thing, then? They're kind of quirky!

Cheri-Thx for your note! And yes...I use "freaking" amongst friends, including those in blogland! I've been known to say worse things, even, sometimes by accident! :-) Hey, I have looked at several recipes for CB bars and am skeptical...most have reviews that say the recipe comes close but is not quite right in some way. I have one saved to try. PLEASE do a random musings post! I'd love to see it! :-) jp

Linda-Yes, this will be quite interesting. Maybe even bloggable...Tomorrow I must start on this little task!

Anonymous said...
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