08 August 2007

They're everywhere! They're everywhere!

Little pieces of chipboard, 40-some die cuts, foam brushes, paint bottles, Stickles, tiny brads, ribbon, twine...all of these things have taken over my house, in spite of my best efforts to contain them.

Fortunately, the end result of this ginormous mess is a very fun set of Cosmo Cricket ornaments. Pictured here are only a few of the set...the rest I have yet to complete. They tend to be smaller and would be perfect additions to larger ornaments, package tie-ons, embellishments for cards or layouts, or decorations for a tablet
op tree.

I'm making these or
naments for a class I'll be teaching a couple of times this fall. We may complete 7-10 ornaments in class, depending on how fast we are. They could not be more fun to make. I like the fact that the pieces can be combined in any way...there are no directions included from the manufacturer, so you're only limited by your imagination.

So here's to an early start on the holiday season. Pure fun.


Lora said...

OH WOW!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!! Gorgeous!!! where did you get the chipboard shapes?

Suzy said...

Those turned out really cute!

Heather said...

Those are lovely!

jp said...

Lora, Suzy, and Heather -- Thank you! The ornaments are by Cosmo Cricket, from the new "Be Good" line. The chipboard will be shipping in late August. (I was lucky to get an early set to make up these samples.) The die-cuts are shipping now. Thanks so much! They are so fun to make! Janet