29 August 2007

2Peas Blogging Challenge

The 2Peas Blogging Challenge from a few days ago was this: What was the best job you've ever had?

The best "real" job I've ever had was actually my dream job. I worked for Credit Agricole, a French bank, in downtown Chicago. My job was in Human Resources. I did the things you normally do in that department -- staffing, employee relations, benefits, compensation -- but much of what I did was in French. It really was the perfect job for me, as my undergraduate degree is in French and International Business. How often do you find a job like that?

In addition to working in the area of my degree, I loved working downtown. Every morning I hopped the "L" in Oak Park and made the 20-minute trip to the loop. The building where I worked was right across the street from the Palmer House. Occasionally, I'd meet a friend there for lunch at Trader Vic's. I'd shop at Marshall Field's. I'd take in an exhibit at the Art Institute. A couple of evenings each week, I took classes at DePaul, right down the street, to earn my MBA in Human Resources.

After DH finished school, we made the decision to leave Chicago and return to Iowa. While unquestionably it was the right thing to do for his career and for our family, it was extremely difficult for me to leave my once-in-a-lifetime job. I never really got over it, and while I eventually found another very challenging position in Human Resources and Training, it somehow didn't hold the same allure.

Every once in awhile, I dust off my very rusty French and think about those days back in Chicago. So very many things have changed since that time. I know that I can never go back to that life, and a part of me will always be sad about that.


toners said...

Wow, it sounds like you and the job were a perfect match. Like you said, how often does that really happen?

Jill said...

Oh that makes me miss working downtown! And French...

It does sound like a great match for you!

Fonda said...

Wow Janet. I didn't know that about you, not that I know you that well :). This is interesting to know, thanks for sharing! And you'll always have your memories!!!