25 August 2007

Laundry room...check!

If you've been reading my blog for the past few months, you may remember that we started a re-decorating project back in May. Perhaps you've thought to yourself on occasion, "Gee, I wonder how that re-decorating project is going."

Not well, I would reply. In fact, this little project is moving at the pace of the three-year-old, sticky, black molasses in the back of my kitchen cupboard. The bathroom is partially stripped of wallpaper and looks like a war zone or crack house (take your pick). The kitchen is in a similar state but is partially painted olive green. The dining room, also destined to be re-painted (with luck) before I die, has become a staging area for the other projects. And now, since we are in a major transition from the old mauve and blue color scheme, absolutely nothing matches.

But today is a good day. Following the nearly-ceremonial hanging of the trivet from Target, I think I can now safely report that the laundry room is DONE. Well, almost done...the plant needs to be re-potted in a black container and the box of
DH's clutter needs to be removed, but who's keeping track of that?

Well, I am...but still. I'm calling it done. Just because I can.

In other equally exciting news, Sharon's Informal Underwear Survey is now live. If you've forgotten the original post about this, refresh yourself here. All visitors to my blog are asked to respond to the survey at the right of the page (once only please, to preserve statistical integrity of the polling process). Now, if you feel like your underwear habits are not reflected in the possible responses, please post and tell us a bit (but not too much, please) about your underwear habits so that the pollster may add a response for you. The poll is scheduled to run until September 30, at which time we'll do some sophisticated data analysis and reveal what it all means. Or not. Meanwhile, please respond.

Edited to add: Unfortunately, this polling business is even more scientific than I'd thought. Blogger will not allow new response choices to be added after voting has started. If your underwear habits are not reflected in the possible responses, please choose the "next best" response, or sit this one out. Perhaps there will be a follow-up survey.


Lorie said...

It looks great!! We have some remodeling jobs in the works...but I am not looking forward to the disaster!!!

denali said...

Funny thing: I actually *have* wondered how the redecorating was going, and I don't even know you! *LOL* I can't help it, I'm addicted to Lily, which leads me here almost daily :D Purr both your furry masters for me, please :)