24 March 2017

Feline Friday: Tinsel's Mini Me

 I've shared before that Rory (on the left) and Tinsel (on the right) have some similar traits. Of course, the most obvious one is that they look a lot alike. The most noteable difference is that Rory's eyes are gold and Tinsel's are green. In addition to their physical appearance, both are good jumpers and both like to sit on piles of papers at precisely the moment you need them.

And now we've discovered another similarity: Both build tunnels! 

 Bailey came home one night this week to discover that Rory had built a blanket tunnel in the bedroom. She has already shown herself to be a master tunnel builder!

 The very next day, I came home to discover that Tinsel had made her own blanket tunnel, the first one she's made all winter. Note the similarities!

Check out more of Tinsel's past tunnels HERE
and HERE. You can see that in cold winters past, Tinsel was always building and burrowing. This winter has been mild, making tunnel sightings rare. 

And of course it's quite warm now in Texas, which makes it all the more sweet that Rory made a tunnel this week. Even though they've never met in purr-son, it seems clear that Tinsel is passing on her tunnel skills to her little Mini Me. :)

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Kimberly Marie said...

Awwww, how wonderful is that! Love those cozy looking tunnels. :)