10 March 2017

Feline Friday

Many, many thanks to all who have asked about Tinsel. If you didn't know her well, you might not realize anything is different. She's still doing her morning patrols, still jumping up on the bathroom counter, still watching goings-on outside the window. She's even been quite playful on some days. Thankfully she doesn't seem to be in pain, but it hurts me terribly to see her little face distended.

Her appetite swings seem even more pronounced to me, but that could just be my over-sensitivity. She's had a few days when she would not leave her blankies, and that's ok. Room service is available, any time day or night.

If she doesn't feel like getting up, I've found that she enjoys watching bird and squirrel videos on YouTube. I prop up my phone next to her, and it's almost like looking out the window. She always seems to perk up after a video or two. Here she is making biscuits on her blankie.

 Now that we have new blinds in the bedroom, she has a chair set up in each corner window for nature viewing.

 One nice afternoon, we took a walk around the yard. Next time we go outside, maybe there will be a few of her favorite green things to nibble on.

Tinsel has been more receptive to being held, so I'm doing as much of that as I can. Perhaps you can see in this photo how her chin is distended. The lump extends around the side of her jaw to under her chin. It breaks my heart to see her sweet little face misshapen. :(

As for me, I'm struggling. Spouse reminded me that she's sensitive to my moods, so I'm trying to be less weepy around her, but it's really hard. My heart breaks that there is nothing I can do to fix this situation.

So I'm following her lead and we're muddling along as best we can, trying to do the things that we always do for as long as we possibly can. Making the best of every day.
 Sometimes the smallest things take up the 
most room in your heart. 
Winnie the Pooh

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