26 February 2016

Feline Friday: Paper, Not Plastic

Tinsel has always had an unhealthy fascination with plastic grocery bags. It's strange, because many moons ago while visiting my parents, she actually got her head caught in the handle of a plastic grocery bag and went flying through the house with the bag billowing out like SuperCat. By the time I finally caught her, she was somewhat traumatized. I thought she'd stay clear of plastic bags from that point on, but I was wrong. She loves the crinkly texture and if I accidentally leave one lying out, she'll lick and even chew it. Seems she (and many other kitties) can't resist.

Last night I came home from the hair salon with a heavier plastic bag. I briefly stepped out of the room and came back to this scene: Tinsel had shoved her head down inside the bag and was licking it! I took a second to grab a photo before tossing the bag in the garbage. LOOK AT THAT TONGUE! That's some serious licking! :)

While it makes for a funny picture, this represents a dangerous situation for a kitty. It would be very easy for a kitty to get her head caught in the handle of the bag. For this reason, I never leave plastic bags lying around. In this case, of course, I was standing right there and would not let that happen! 

Note: Plastic bags can be dangerous around cats, so please take care to remove them from your kitty's environment! Plastic bags can be recycled at many grocery stores.

This Public Service Announcement has been brought to you by Tinsel. :)

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