18 April 2014

Feline Friday: Check-Up for Lily

This week, it was time for Lily's check-up. She has a history of naughtiness at the vet and typically has to be sedated in order for them to handle her. Although it is safe, I really don't like for her to have that done. You just never know when something could go wrong. And I can hardly bear seeing her little limp body!

So this time I told Lily that she needed to be a Good Girl so she didn't have to get The Gassy. On the way to the vet, she was very calm.  
Where did u sai we are goween, Mommeh? 

 Oh....I remembers dis plaice now! NOEZ!!!
Once inside, Lily forgot her promise to be a Good Girl and commenced her very impressive hissing and snarling behavior. The vet had to dismantle the carrier to remove her for the Big Weigh-In. (In retrospect, I wish we had skipped that step.The results were shocking!) 

Still, I elected not to have her sedated. The downside of this is that Lily received a very abbreviated exam. The vet was not able to palpate her chubby tummy very well, and he could not look inside her mouth. (I told him that it has adorable gray patches, just like her fur!)

The bottom line is this: Lily appears to be in good health, but she has a weight problem. I feel badly because this is totally my fault. With everything going on in the past year, I have not paid as much attention to Lily's food intake as I should have. I've let her have more NOMS than she should, and it shows in her waistline. So we started her restricted food diet yesterday. So far, so good. Hopefully the next time we visit the vet, she'll be a much slimmer, trimmer version of her snarling, hissing self! :)


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