13 October 2013

Look Who's Feline Better!

Thanks to all who stopped by and left messages about our sweet Tinsel. Good news to report: Friday evening, after two days of eating virtually nothing, I started her on an appetite stimulant called Cyproheptadine, which is actually an antihistamine which has a side effect of stimulating the appetite. It worked within an hour of giving her the first dose. Quite amazing! But it does come with some undesirable side effects so I hope this is just a temporary thing. You can read about this drug here.

 I think Tinsel had developed a mental block about eating. Once she started eating, she could not stop. I have NEVER seen her eat like this. Notice how her food is elevated. She seems to prefer it that way.

Since she has been eating more this weekend, she is much more active and back doing her little daily "routines", such as sitting on the bathroom counter while I put on my makeup. It warms my heart to see her feeling better. 

Although we still have several days left to go on the medication to treat her bladder infection, at least I know she won't be developing liver problems due to her refusal to eat. With Tinsel's underlying blood abnormality, her ability to fight off infections and diseases may compromised.
 For now, I'm happy that I'll have a good report to give the vet on Monday!


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Yay Tinsel! So glad she's so much better! I mentioned Sugar is that same age, but I can't imagine being GLAD if he were back to his daily routines. Meowing loudly enough to wake up the baby at 5:00 am? No thank you. Hopping up on the sink to try and drink water while I'm putting in my contacts? Not so much. Racing toward the bedroom as if the house were on fire every. single. time. I get anywhere near that door? Ok, that one is kind of fun. I get to yell out, "THE BEDROOM! THE BEDROOM!!! I'M GOING IN THE BEDROOM!!!!!" Of course he immediately meows piteously to escape whenever he does make it in. But seriously I know I would miss the "routines" if they were ever missing. Anyway so glad Tinsel's feeling better.

Anonymous said...

SO glad Tinsel is better. I have a 10-yr old diabetic (bob-tail tabby) who I monitor closely. She is my baby, too!

Kathy M said...

Yes! That is some very good news on a cloudy misty day! Thanks for the info that you passed on.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Tinsel!

Janet said...

Thank you, Jill! Sounds like you get very little sleep at your house! Gotta love those little routines! HA!

Janet said...

Thanks, everyone, for stopping by. She had been doing better until yesterday, when I took her back to the vet. The antibiotics were not agreeing with her tummy so we switched her to another kind. Hopefully this one will be easier for her to tolerate.