11 October 2013

Feline Friday: Get Well, Tinsel


It hasn't been a very good week around here. I have been noticing Tinsel has been drinking a lot of water in recent days so I took her to the vet for an exam. Sadly, it appears that she is in the early stages of kidney failure. This isn't entirely unexpected for a 12 year old kitty, but it certainly came as a shock to me. 

On top of this news, Tinsel also has a bladder infection and is now turning her nose up at nearly every food we've tried. I started giving her a 1/4 tablet of Pepcid which is supposed to calm her tummy, but it takes awhile to kick in. After numerous trips to the grocery store, I finally landed on a canned food she'll eat. At this point, I'm not even worried that she won't eat her prescription food. She just needs to eat SOMETHING until we get this infection under control. When her appetite comes back, we'll give the new food another try.

For now, she's getting lots of pampering and attention. Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day for her and that she'll soon be feeling better!


Heather said...

Aww - you're having a rough week!! :( Poor Tinsel. Our Beldar is 16 and is also in the beginning stages of kidney failure. We found out about 10 months ago. It took several tries before we finally found a prescription food he would eat. Get her over her infection then keep trying.

Kathy M said...

I will include sweet Tinsel in my prayers.

Kristina said...

Get well Tinsel! I will be sending her all the healing thoughts I can.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Tinsel. Just know that no one could love her more than you do and that you're doing everything you can do for her.

One trick my vet told me when my dear kitty didn't want to eat was to try baby food meat. For some reason, she'd eat that, and the vet said it was just important to get her eating again.

Keeping all of you in my prayers.

Janet said...

Thank you, everyone! She is doing better today. I started her on an appetite stimulant yesterday and wow...it had an immediate effect. She is eating like never before. And of course she feels better now that she is eating. And I feel much better, too. Love my girl. <3

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh I'm glad she's feeling better! Sugar is already 12 too and it's scary to think of how old that is for a cat.