12 July 2013

Feline Friday: Miracle at the Vet!

Lily had to visit the vet recently for her check-up and shots. She is the sweetest cat in the world at home but at the vet's office, she turns into a snarling, hissing creature that no one can touch. Her chart is marked "feisty" and she has to be given light sedation in order for the staff to handle her. Last time she was there for her (*ahem*) anal gland expression, the vet had to sedate her while she was still in the carrier! Although it is safe, I would much rather she didn't have the sedation so frequently.

Getting her into the carrier isn't a problem. As usual, she climbed right in as soon as I brought it out. I told her that she was going to be NICE to the doctor so she didn't have to wear the sleepy mask! Lily is such a smart kitty that I hoped she would listen this time!

 I talked to her all the way to the vet about how she needed to be nice...no biting, hissing, or snarling!

 As soon as we pulled up to the vet's office, those beautiful eyes got quite large! It was a busy day in the office, with several dogs coming and going at the time we arrived. I turned Lily's carrier so that I could reach inside with my hand to scratch her head. Normally, even I can't touch her at the vet's office. But she stayed very calm and did not hiss...a first! 

Back in the examination room, she let the tech take her out of the carrier. This was huge, as they usually have to either dismantle it or tip it to pour her out! Once out, she even let the tech put her on the scales. This was also a first, as they usually weigh her in the carrier then subtract the weight of it. And, miracle of miracles, she let the vet examine her with no hissing, snarling, or biting. He even poked around on her belly! He was shocked and very pleasantly surprised. Of course, I told him that I'd had a little talk with her on the way there. He suggested that perhaps I should have the same talk with some of his other patients! :)

Lily was such a good girl for listening to her mommy that she got a few extra Temptations when we got home!
Hope your day is also free of snarling, hissing, and biting! :)
Happy Feline Friday!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Great to hear Lilly was such a good girl. Glad to find that you are posting again. You were in my prayers during your loss. I have been following your kitties antics on your blog for along time.

Janet said...

Thank you! I have not been able to post as much as I had hoped yet, but that will improve over time. Much on my plate right now. Thanks so much for the prayers and hanging with me!

Kristina said...

Tucker had a vet visit today....he needed to have his blood glucose checked again. We're getting closer to getting his diabetes regulated but now he's back to being too heavy....first he 6 pounds which was a lot and it was how we diagnosed his diabetes and now he's gained it all back plus some....he has to go on a diet. :)

Janet said...

@Kristina-I'm glad his diabetes can be managed! Diets are no fun for kitties or their humans! Lily was down 1 pound on her last visit as she was getting a bit pudgy and I put her on a very small diet. Of course she thinks she's starving! LOL Good luck with Tucker's weight loss!