19 July 2013

Feline Friday: Cat-fessions

 Have you heard of Cat Shaming? This is yet another cat-related trend on the interwebs. Cat Shaming pictures feature cats with a printed description of some naughty behavior. The idea here is that cats are almost never remorseful, so their humans have to "shame" them publicly.

I take issue with the word "shaming" because I love our kitties unconditionally and would never want them to feel scolded. But I do like the idea of confessing naughty behavior. Cat-fessions, so to speak.

Tinsel will take the first confession, which is absolutely 100% true! YUCK!

Happy Feline Friday! Please don't eat your own fur.


Kristina said...

Boy, I could share some cat shaming things!

Janet said...

Do tell, Kristina! :)

kathy mccreary said...

My cat Buffy tries this every time!