01 March 2013

Feline Friday: Lily's Big Climb

 Early one morning this week, I heard some unusual sounds coming from the kitchen. With Lily in the house, one must ALWAYS investigate odd noises. 

As I rounded the corner, I could see that Lily (who is not a good climber) had pulled open the pantry door and was on her tip toes on a ROLLING CART, quite precariously reaching for Tinsel's food dish which she knows is kept on a high shelf. (Lily is a very smart and observant kitty -- especially where food is concerned!)

Of course, I ran for the camera to document this most unusual feat!

There it is! The mother lode!

I tried to supress my giggles, watching in disbelief as Lily squeezed herself onto the shelf and began gobbling Tinsel's food as fast as she could. I let her swallow a few bites as a reward for her daredevil efforts before gently lifting her back down to earth.
Congratulations, Lily, on successfully scaling the pantry cupboards! Obviously, Tinsel's food is now on a much higher shelf!  

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Desire Fourie said...

Oh wow, Lily is one smart kitty - what we will do for food lol.
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