02 November 2012

Feline Friday: Catnips!

 I recently ran across several huge patches of catnip growing in the wild. Like any good cat mom, I brought it home, washed it, and offered it to Tinsel and Lily. Neither one have had much experience with fresh catnip, so I was curious as to how they would react to it.

Tinsel, who loves dried catnip, wasn't impressed by the real stuff. She turned up her nose and walked away.

Lily, who is interested in almost anything edible (and inedible!), was immediately intrigued by the scent.

She was even more interested by the sight of one small green leaf!

She reached up and licked the leaf...

...then she ripped the entire handful from me and began GOBBLING IT UP as fast as she could! I grabbed up the rest of it before she ate it all, as I wasn't sure how she would react to ingesting it. There was no immediate change in her behavior, but she did sleep almost all of the following day!

Woo....this stuff is good!


Kristina said...

Lily had a hangover the next day....lol! Only one of our boys has the "catnip" gene, the others don't give one fig about it.

Maureen said...

Awwww... too cute! I haven't given mine any catnip in awhile. But I did order some from Oskar and Klaus for Christmas for them!