09 November 2012

Feline Friday: Miss PICKY

Like many cats, Tinsel is the pickiest of eaters. Conditions have to be "just right" for her to eat -- and her definition of "just right" seems to change without notice. This is a really big problem when we're out of town and the kitties are left in the care of our cat-sitter. Sometimes Tinsel hardly eats at all while we're gone! As a senior cat, she needs to eat regularly and well.

But I recently came upon a solution which seems to be helping us all -- Fancy Feast APPETIZERS!

Tinsel does not care for most canned food so when I initially bought a container, I was fairly certain Lily would end up eating it. (Lily will eat ANYTHING.) But as it turned out, Tinsel LOVES the flaky fish blends. She has a spoonful of it in the morning before breakfast...

...and then she's ready to move on to her main course! When we visited Bailey at college recently, I had the cat-sitter give Tinsel a spoonful of appetizers every day. Tinsel ate ALL of her food while we were gone!
If you're not a cat person or have never lived with a picky cat, this may seem like a little thing. But if you've ever struggled to get your cat to eat, you know that it's such a relief when you finally discover something that works!

Happy Feline Friday, everyone!

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Maureen said...

I am lucky mine aren't too picky... sometimes one won't seem too interested in her bowl, but it doesn't last long! Good thing, because Tawnee often raids the other's bowls...