16 August 2012

Back to School!

 As you may have guessed from the recent absence of blog entries, things have been hopping around here! I've been busy making kits, teaching classes, planning new classes, and spending time at the great Iowa State Fair. But the most exciting thing we've done lately was move Bailey into her new apartment at Indiana University!

  She left a few days early to go watch the drum corps finals in Indianapolis with her dad. My dad and I left over the weekend with the remainder of her stuff, then we all met up in Bloomington on Sunday to help her move in. We were there for less than 24 hours, then it was back home!

 Bailey and her great roommate Molly will be living in on-campus apartments which are only a couple of years old. They are really nice and very conveniently located, although a bit farther from the music buildings than her previous dorm.

  No move-in trip would be complete without a stop at the local Target, which apparently stocks more back-to-college merchandise than any Target anywhere. It's really quite amazing! Need a plastic tote?

 How about a set of stacking drawers?

 Back in the apartment, we unloaded everything and got to work. The living room arrangement changed at least 100 times while we were there. I'm not sure I have a photo of how it ended up!

 Her bedroom also changed configurations numerous times. Bailey is pretty excited to have a keyboard with her this year. Although it takes up a fair amount of wall space, it will be very helpful to have for her classes.

Bailey and Molly were both lucky to have a LOT of closet storage in their dorm rooms last year. In this apartment, there are no closets except a wardrobe in each bedroom. On the plus side, there are lots of roomy drawers. 

    This is the view from Bailey's room. As you can see, there are several buildings in this complex. As you can also see, Indiana is suffering from a severe drought, with conditions even worse than in Iowa. The newly planted trees are suffering. :(

 Bailey and I made a trip to Bath & Body Works a couple of weeks ago and stocked up on good-smelling soap for the kitchen and bathroom. With our numerous coupons and gift cards, we got a good deal. A really good deal!

 Grandpa wanted to help, so Bailey put him to work hanging up her clothes. Her hangers all have to go the same direction, and (of course) her clothes hang in rainbow-color order. *sigh* The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! :)

 The kitchen is very nice! This photo was taken while the girls were organizing everything, so I'm sure it looks a little more pulled together now! On top of the fridge you can see Bailey's Winnie the Pooh lunch box which she carried to elementary school for many years. I guess it's true that college students regress a bit! :)

 This is the sink area in the bathroom as they were getting set up. There is a separate room with a shower. Molly and Bailey picked out a fun shower curtain from the kids' section at Target, further evidence of that regression thing!

  And there is a laundry area right in the apartment! We certainly didn't have that in our first place. They are very fortunate!

While we were in town, I went with the girls to the grocery store to pick up a few basic kitchen supplies. What a fun trip! While both girls can cook, buying essentials to stock a kitchen was a new experience. I hung back and let them try to figure things out. "I don't know what to do!" a bewildered Bailey said while trying to figure out what to buy. I certainly know that feeling! That thought crosses my mind nearly every time I'm in the grocery store!

On future shopping trips, they'll re-stock the basics and look for specific recipe ingredients, so buying groceries should get a bit easier!

After finishing up a few things on Monday, it was time for us to leave our girl and head back home. It was such a treat to help her move into her first apartment! We're very excited for all that this school year will bring. We wish both girls the best!

Welcome to your new home away from home, Bailey! We are very proud of you!


Judy said...

Janet, the only picture I see is the one with the girls in the grocery store...the other pictures don't pop up. I'm glad that Bailey is all settled in at school and that you guys are able to go and help her.

Janet said...

Wow, Judy -- Thanks for letting me know! All of my pictures disappeared! I will have to re-do.

Janet said...

Thanks for the well wishes, Judy! NOW you should be able to see the pictures. Gotta love Blogger!

Judy said...

Thanks for fixing it so I can see the pictures. I'm so glad that Bailey loves it there and you can tell by the look on her face she's ready for the new school year to start. Thanks for sharing her/your journey with us.

Janet said...

Thank you, Judy! She is very happy there and is very pleased with the quality of education. That makes US very happy, too! Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy this beautiful weather!