09 August 2012

And that's a wrap!

It sounds so cliche when I bemoan the fact that the summer just flew by. It seems like Bailey JUST arrived home and college JUST exploded in our living room. But that was back in May, and now it's August. Hard as it is to believe, it's time to start the whole process over again.

As I'm drying my eyes, I'll admit that it's been a great summer. Lots of activities, lots accomplished around the house, lots of learning. Over the past few weeks we watched movies, tried new recipes, started AND finished my craft space, shopped, spent way too much time on Pinterest, and took a class together. (Thanks, Katie!) She taught percussion lessons, spray painted almost everything I asked her to, sewed an adorable skirt, worked at the scrapbook store, served as a music camp counselor at IU, and visited The Boy back in Indiana. And she wrapped up the summer by writing the drumline parts for the closing song in her high school marching band's fall show. The ease with which she accomplished that monumental task was just one more affirmation that music education is where she belongs.

I'm incredibly grateful for the time we had with Bailey this summer. And as hard as it is for me to let her go back to Indiana, I'm very excited to watch the future unfold for her. As good as it's been so far, I truly believe that the best is yet to come!


Lisa Lavia Ryan said...

Love this, Janet. (Sniff.)

KrissyB said...

Janet -- this one brought some tears to my eyes. You must feel incredibly proud of Bailey AND yourself for raising such a lovely daughter. Thank you for always sharing so much of your lives with us. :)