13 April 2012

Feline Friday: Home Invasion!

 HELP! The normally peaceful dollhouse has been invaded by a large, furry monster!

The monster has situated herself squarely in the kitchen, where she's knocking over appliances and straddling chairs.

Even the family dalmatian is no match for the likes of this creature!

Her long arm reaches menacingly out the open window...

...lured by a piece of fake bologna.

Occupy Kitchen!

 Awww...don't be scared! It's only Lily!


Heather said...

Love it! My childhood kitty used to like to hang out in my sister's My Little Pony Stable. She was much larger than the ponies!

KrissyB said...

Oh, my gosh, Janet -- this made my day! Reaching a paw through the window to get a piece of fake bologna? That Lily of yours is something else, and she knows how to make us laugh! Love it!!