10 February 2012

Feline Friday - Table Decor

I arrived home yesterday to THIS:

This basket WAS used to hold a baking dish! 

Upon closer inspection, it appears that somebody is larger than a 2-quart casserole:

Still, it must have been a good spot for a nap. :)

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Sharon W. said...

It's a great napping place! The warm sunshine comes in there. I really do like the places that Lily finds to nap. Thanks for the chuckle today.

Desire Fourie said...

Aaah man this is too precious. It must have been a wonderful casserole nap!

Fonda said...

Oh, Lily! LOL.

febe said...

Fun! She's so cute. And a nice place for a nap.

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Kristina said...

I have an IKEA woven bowl on our dining room table that two of ours fight over. It was suppose to be for fruit, but it's never held a piece of fruit in the couple of years I've had it. Lily knows a good spot when she sees it!