03 February 2012

Feline Friday: A Little More TLC, Please

This time last week, I had just taken Lily to the vet with what appeared to be a urinary tract infection. She was given a two-week course of antibiotics and appeared to have fully recovered...until yesterday, that is. Her litter box woes returned, so back to the vet we went.

The first order of business was an X-ray to determine if the cause of her trouble could be bladder stones rather than a UTI, as the symptoms are similar. The X-ray showed no strong evidence of stones except for two teeny tiny spots smaller than the head of a pin. The vet recommended that she try prescription canned food for a week. It is formulated to actually help dissolve certain kinds of stones and sooth irritated bladders. Awww, poor Lily! :(

So in addition to a very groggy kitty, I brought home a case of delicious "Urinary SO". The vet instructed Lily to eat up to three cans a day! As you might imagine, Lily was thrilled with this homework!

When we got home, Lily sat and looked at her new food for the longest time. She could not believe her eyes!  

Three cans every day? All for me? YIPPEE!

 I guess going back to the vet wasn't so bad after all, Mom!


Connie said...

Alas, prescription food for pets is not cheap! Let's hope Lily gets better quickly!

Sharon W. said...

Poor Lily. Sure hope this is the answer.

Janet said...

Thanks, Connie and Sharon! It's a little over $1 per can. Anything to make our girl better! Unfortunately she may have to stay on this indefinitely...we'll see.

Daisy said...

I hope this helps Lily feel better! Did your vet mention Cosequin for cats? The ingredient that helps joint health also helps the lining of the bladder!

Janet said...

Thank you, Daisy! We did not know about that!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

So glad the cure wasn't worse than the disease!!! Sugar and Nimue send their best wishes!

(Incidentally, Sugar has a book recommendation for you on my blog this week. :-) )