17 February 2012

Feline Friday: Squirrel?

Okay, Lily knows she is not supposed to be up on the kitchen table. And she is not supposed to help me make kits for classes, either. But it's not often that I catch her sitting up like a squirrel!

So for the sake of cuteness, I'll allow it just this once. :)


Jessica said...

Adorable! I figure they're going to get on the table when I'm not home, so why fight it. They don't get up there when we've got food on the table, at least there is something sacred to them....or not...they're cats after all. lol

Kristina said...

I love the squirrel sit. :)

Fonda said...

Silly girl. Doesn't she know how UN-lady-like this is. Oh forgot, this is Lily we're talking about!
I bet you NEVER catch Tinsel sitting like this! ;)