06 November 2011

Hasta la vista, Green Fan!

I'm still working away at the significantly overdue updates in our home office/craft room. I recently revamped my craft storage (still a work in progress) and have now moved on to other aspects of the room which sorely need updating. 

This shiny gold and green fan, which matches the lovely green wallpaper border, makes you think you might be dining in a Bennigan's or any of those other places with "brass and dark green" color scheme. It's still in fine shape, but it needed to find a new home. In fact, tomorrow I'm taking it (along with some other shiny gold treasures and some very fine leftover wallpaper) to the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store.

Green Fan was replaced with Brown Fan, which features a much more palatable brushed nickle finish.

The box called this a "5-Minute Fan" -- meaning that's how long it should take to install it. It seemed to take Spouse more like three hours, but I think it was well worth the effort. Since this photo was taken, we shortened the ball chains shown here. (And yes, crafting friends, I KEPT the leftover ball chain for a future project!)

What's next? Take down that wallpaper border and paint the room -- for the first time since the house was built! That will be the biggest transformation of all.


Benita said...

Love the new fan, but I'm surprised you didn't paint the green one ;) Gotta love those 5-minute things, huh? Can't wait to see the rest of your room!

Janet said...

Thanks, Benita! We would have painted it, but it would have involved painting both the metal AND the blades. (With the last fan, we only had to paint the metal.) Plus the light sconces aren't made for the new kind of light bulb (the spiral ones), so it wasn't worth the effort! Believe me, we considered it! Gotta love spray paint!!!