04 November 2011

Feline Friday: Whut I Bin Doeen

Todai I wuz a littel bit nottie. Mi mommie telled me I shud confess mi notties on dis blog, so I'm goeen to tell u whut I did to git in trubble.

Furst, my mommie camed home an finded me sleping on da kichen tabul. I noes I am not sposed to do dis, but who cud resist a sunnie spott? Mi mommie tinks maybe I sleped heer while day wuz gone to IU. Im not sayin if I did or not.

I also braked into my fud contayner and eated all of todai's noms befor 8 o'clok in da morning! Den I tryed to git Tinsul's noms cuz day r better den myne. Now im on restrycted noms.

Den mi mommie finded out mi secrit project! I bin takeen down da wallpapur border in da basement! I heered mommie talkeen about takeen it down an thinked it wud be a nyce surprize fur her. I guess she dint meen dis one. Oopsie!

An I had alreddie finished anudder part! I bin workeen vary hard on dis. Vary quiettlie cuz it wuz a surprize! I do not see whi mommie is upset. Whi is da border bi da floor aniwai? Seemz liek a bad plaice fur it to mee!

Den I been scracheen da wallz again. I tryed to stop but oopsie i
haz started up again. I ben doeen it in da nite to git mi mommie out of da beds. In order to gif me noms.

Pleeze do not be too upset wif me, mommie! I had lotz of tyme on mi paws whyle u wuz gone to see Baiwee!

Maybee if u let mee go to collij ill lern not to do deez notties. Pleeze?
Luv, Lily


Maureen said...

Oh Lily, you ARE a monkey! (that it what I call my gals when they act up). I do hope Mommy isn't too upset with you...

But how can you stay mad at such a cutie?


Fonda said...

Oh Lily, please never change. You are too precious!
I am, however, disconcerted by that "arm" in the background of the first photo! ;)

Kristina said...

Lily, when you have a kitty face like you do, all is usually forgiven. :)

Janet said...

Maureen-thanks for stopping by! Lily could do anything she wants and of course I would forgive her! She purrs while she is being naughty!

Fonda-I agree, she is a sweetheart! LOL That arm IS creepy! It's a statue in the garden!

Kristina-Absolutely! I could never be truly upset with her. :)

Daisy said...

Lily, you were just trying to help. You should get EXTRA treats for that!