11 November 2011

Feline Friday: Before the FALL...

Lily likes to walk on our second floor railing, but it always makes me nervous. She's not the handiest kitty in the world. Unlike Tinsel, Lily's not a great jumper and often misses her targets. That's okay most of the time, but it's quite a drop to the first floor from the railing!

So it was with some degree of alarm that I heard her running wildly through the house a few days ago, headed straight to the railing. Without slowing down whatsoever, she jumped and landed squarely on it. I'll admit I was impressed!

Looking somewhat cocky, Lily began her balancing act. So I grabbed the camera to catch a few pictures of her in full SHOW OFF mode!

Look, Mom! I can stand on dis cornur!

This is what that pose looks like from below, where I planted myself in case she fell. Not that I'd like to catch Lily and all of her sharp little claws, mind you...

Look, Mom! I can sit on dis post thingie!

Now I iz a gargoile!

Yes, it's a long way down, Miss Gargoyle. Be careful!

Ohai, Mom! I can ezen chase mi tayle whyle im on da raling! Look at mi trik......oh noez!!!

And with that fancy little trick, Lily tumbled head over paws all the way to the ground floor, landing hard on her side on the second step. She didn't land on her feet, like kitties are supposed to do. (Perhaps the quick drop didn't give her enough time to rotate properly...) I was there in an instant to see if she was ok, and of course she was. 

As if to say, "Ohai, I ment to do dat!" she trotted right over to her food bowl, ready for a post-show treat.

This little fall didn't faze Lily, but I'm sure it cost me one of my nine lives!


Judy said...

Oh my gosh..just reading this brings tears to my eyes and takes my breath away. She's so lucky she didn't hurt herself. I hope that she is still doing OK in the days to come. I would think she would be sore. Give her an extra (soft) hug from me.

Kristina said...

I think I'm glad we don't have a railing like that. I'm glad the Lily wasn't hurt, but that had to have been scary to witness.

Janet said...

Judy and Kristina -- Yes, it was really scary! I should have plucked her off the railing before she tried to get all fancy, but she's up on the railing fairly regularly without incident. It never occurred to me she'd try to chase her tail! No damage done...I think Lily has a little extra padding which cushioned the fall. :)

Heather said...

Oh no!! I'm so glad she wasn't hurt! I would've had a heart attack!

Linda said...

I'm so glad that Lily is ok! I would have been freaking out is that was our cat.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

OH!!!! Oh my gosh!!!! I am SO glad we don't have a balcony like that anymore. I used to live in a house with a THIRD floor banister and I was always scared for Sugar and Nimue. So glad she came out ok!